SERO Model SRZS™ – Multi-stage pumps for Critical Process Services

Model SRZS is a multi-stage, radially split segmented pump that combines the functionality of a low NPSH first stage impeller with the performance of a side channel design.


  • Exceptional Differential Pressures Developed at 1750 RPM
  • Hydraulic Flexibility – Low Flows with High Head
  • Steep Performance Curves for Precise System Control
  • Ability to Pump Vapor Laden (up to 50%) Process Fluids
  • Low NPSH Requirements to Prevent Cavitation
  • Capacity Range:
    • up to 186 GPM
  • Pressure Range:
    • up to 580 psi (40 bar)
  • Temperature Range:
    • -40 to 430°F (-40 to 220°C)
  • Head Range:
    • 100-1150 FT (30-350 m)