Wright Flow Technologies Duralobe Series

The Duralobe® pump series is suitable for both manual cleaning (SIP) and Cleaning In Place (CIP). The product seals are mounted directly behind the rotors and are designed and positioned to minimize product entrapment and maximize the effects of cleaning.  This strategic positioning of the product seals, combined with their ease of access provides an arrangement that can be more effectively cleaned by both manual and CIP procedures.


  • Standard 0.8 m Ra finish
  • Enhanced surface finishes available
  • Hygienic front loading seals
  • Hardened shaft sleeves for longer life
  • Bi-wing or Multi-lobe rotors
  • Increased cleanliness
  • Pressure relief valves available for front cover
  • Range of models providing optimum flow/pressure envelope
  • 316L product wetted parts
  • 3A & FDA options available
  • Shaft cartridge assemblies
  • EHDG certified
  • Universal mounting
  • Oil lubrication
  • Heating & Cooling jackets available for front cover & rotorcase

Duralobe Series

  • Pressure Range:
    • to 14 BAR / 203 PSI
  • Temperature Range:
    • to 150°C / 300°F