Typical and Approximate Viscosity List


Typical and Approximate Viscosity List

Viscosity Range Saybolt Seconds Universal (SSU) Temperature (16C)

38 to 100 100 to 250 250 to 700 700 to 2500 2500 to 7000 7000 to 25,000 25,000 to 70,000 70,000 to 250,000
Alcohol Corn Starch Solution (Light) Cod Liver Oil Asphalt RC-0, MC-0, SC-0 Asphalt RC-700, MC-70, SC-70


RC-1, MC-1, SC-1

RC-2, MC-2, SC-2

Asphalt RC-250, MC-250, SC-250


RC-3, MC-3, SC-3

RC-4, MC-4, SC-4

Crude Oil 38, 39, 40, Be Coconut Oil (Light) Creosote Castor Oil Enamel Pitch TCP1, TCP2 Gear Case Oil (Heavy) Chocolate (Heavy)
#1 Fuel Oil Corn Oil Cutting Oils Rosin Oil Glycerine Tar (Lt) Finish Glue Sizing (Heavy Starch Solution) Crude 12, 13 Be Oils
Gasoline Cotton Seed Oil Crude  27, Be Oil #6 Fuel Oil (Bunker C) Sodium Silicate Bunker C (Coast) Malt Syrup Molasses (Blackstrap)
Milk Crude Oil 28, Be - 34 Be Oils Rape Seed Oil Lacquer (Thin) SAE #40 California Oil Crude 14, 15, Be Oils Corn Syrups (Heavy)
Naptha Olive Oil Peanut Oil Molasses (Light) Sugar Syrup Crude 16, 18 Be Oils Glucose Starch
Turpentine Sugar Syrups (Light) Soybean Oil Paint Primer Tar TC3, TC4 Lacquer Lacquer (Heavy) Tar (Heavy) Unfinished
Solvent   SAE #10 Oil Pine Tar Coke Oven Tar Printer's Ink Shampoo  
Vinegar     SAE #20, #30 Oils Turbine Oil (Heavy) Rubber Cement    
Xylene     Tar TC1, TC2   SAE #50, #60, #70 Oils    
      Spar Varnish   Varnish    

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